Client Testimonials

“Dear Clark and Clark:

I am writing to thank you and your firm for handling our recent litigation matter. Your firm was helpful, knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of our case. Your work was proactive without being aggressive and always instilled comfort and confidence. We were very impressed with the speed in which you were able to understand the intricacies of our business without distracting us in the least from the norm of our daily work. As importantly, our case was brought to a very successful conclusion, a conclusion that was just and will undoubtedly produce positive results now and in the future.”

Peter Coomaraswamy, CEO
Complete Book & Media Supply, Inc.

“Bruce and Deb Clark have done an outstanding job helping our commercial real estate services and investment company with various legal matters over the years. So much so that we have recommended them frequently to good friends and clients without hesitation.

On one particularly difficult case against a very large, prestigious, arrogant Dallas law firm, Bruce dug in and simply outworked and outfought and outlawyered the mega firm attorneys. I cannot imagine any attorney that would have cared as much or fought as hard as Bruce did to win our case. And I would guess that our total legal fees from Clark & Clark were probably 25% or less than those charged to their client by the mega Dallas firm in their losing effort.

Dealing with attorneys is an every day part of our business and I have done it for over 25 years. In that time, Bruce and Deb Clark are as good as any litigation attorneys that I have encountered, and definitely among the most responsive and cost effective. They are first rate people with great personal integrity, both professionally and outside of work.

In our business you hope to never have the need for litigation attorneys. But in circumstances when you do and you need an attorney willing to strap on the head gear and get after it on your behalf, Clark & Clark will always be at the very top of my list.”

Michael B. Elliott
Elliott Properties, Inc.

“We are happy to include Clark & Clark on our list of references. They will be linked to our website as our Attorney of choice. We have found them to be responsive to our requests for assistance and knowledgeable about construction law. They have proven that they understand how our business should operate and are generous with their suggestions to help in that regard. They are also actively involved in the Homebuilders Association of Greater Austin, and have proven to be a huge resource for the association.”

Gary Henley, President
Henley Homes, Inc.

“Clark & Clark have been my attorney for the past 10 years. I find them to be thoughtful, honest, extremely helpful and always looking out for my best interest. They work through each issue with me and give me the options clearly and succinctly thus allowing me to feel very much a part of the process and allowing me to make the best choices.

A case in point was a long, drawn out lawsuit against a builder regarding a foundation problem. They skillfully maneuvered through the process of dealing with the builder's insurance company to pay me significantly more than I could have expected. I found them to be brilliant strategists in the process... they were always able to tell me what the goal was, how they saw the best way to reach it and then forged ahead until it was reached. I feel very secure in knowing that Clark & Clark is there for me as attorneys when I need to call on them.”

Gail Joyan

“When I had a legal issue to resolve, a friend referred me to Clark & Clark Law. I have since thanked him over & over again for that referral. The services of Clark & Clark were critical in achieving a great resolution to our legal issue. I found Bruce & Deborah to be highly competent & motivated to get results! I cannot recommend them highly enough..”

Mike Shapiro, Broker/Owner
The Shapiro Group

“In this ever-changing legal world, Clark & Clark was able to help us understand and exercise our rights as a Subcontractor to help protect our company's success and viability.”

Bill Pickler, President
Advanced Concrete Surfaces, Ltd.